What Are The Top Three Things You Look For in a Relationship?

The top three things as with all things are not relevant, they are of course subjective. The answer here is,

"Are you the reflection of those things that you are looking for?"

Now take a moment and really think this through. So often in life we want things that we are really not ready for, case and point, most businesses do not succeed, most people who win or inherit money will lose it (lotto is said to be 86% will go broke), More marriages in the US fail than flourish, EXCEPT for the second time in all of these things.

Why do wealthy people have a story of how they lost it all and then made it back, why do married people do better on the second time then the first statistically. Here is why:

They learn to become something that will attract what they are looking for in every case, along with that they also learn who they are or what they need to do in order to achieve success.

If what I want in a relationship is as follows:

  • Honesty,
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Humor
  • Eccentricity
  • The ability to pick up the check
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Smoking Hot

Any of these qualities would be great in most relationships. Ask yourself this, "Do I posses what someone who is loyal, compassionate, and courageous is looking for? Do I have the reflection and am I clear as to what they would want and need to stay in the relationship?

Take this idea and apply it from personal to business. You open a business LIKE A SALON which I am quite familiar with, you are amazing at doing hair and your business is about doing hair, so you should do well. YET most salons fail, this is because they thought that the business was about doing one thing and they ignored what the business needed in order to continue doing the thing the business seems to be about.

Recruitment of talented people, training of those people, yet in order to recruit and retain you must offer something more compelling then just training, YOU MUST OFFER CERTAINTY of a compelling future. This means that the values you are looking for must have a place to continuously play and grow.

Are you the place where a person with the values you are looking for will be able to play and grow?


A Wynn Wynn

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