The 140 Character Elevator Pitch

Entrepreneur Peter Anthony shows you how to produce a useful marketing tool by creating your simple and powerful message in 140 characters or less.

Create an Online Course

Entrepreneur Peter Anthony teaches you how to produce online courses for people who want to share their expertise with the world.

Winning With the Rockstar Mentality

The rockstar mentality is present in almost every salon environment. If you think you might have a rockstar in your salon, this course will help you identify it, and will also help you learn how to control it. In just 9 short lessons, you will learn how to use the rockstar in your salon to your advantage. Sign up today and start learning!

Top Ten Inspirations to Live By

In this FREE course, Peter Anthony Wynn gives you his top ten inspirations to live by. These inspirations will give you advice on just how to live your life in a way that you will get what you want more often. In just 13 short videos, you will become better at getting what you want, and you will succeed even more than you already do. Sign up today FOR FREE and get started!