Build the Ultimate Course

Peter Anthony, the ultimate “Online Course GURU” teaches you the best strategies and techniques to build a profitable online course. He will help you create compelling content surrounding your expertise that will captivate audiences around the world and turn them into life-long fans to your brand. You have the knowledge, the expertise, the drive – now is your chance to be the mentor. Let’s step into the fastest growing element in all of business!
“Build the Ultimate Course” will teach you:

  • How to create a profitable online course.
  • Techniques to effectively articulate your knowledge in a simple, easy, and digestible way to your students.
  • How to develop a course so life-changing that people will not stop recommending you.
  • The Power of the Pause to help people remember what you say.
  • Ways to deliver a really valuable message that inspires, motivates, and get’s people to TAKE ACTION.
  • Peter Anthony’s secrets to how he built his online course!

Profitable Free Course

The latest, and probably one of the most valuable, installment from “Online Course Guru” – Peter Anthony – How to Build a Profitable FREE Course. You will learn the importance of a free course and how this is the secret to building an incredible online empire that will transform the world and help you leave a legacy. You’ll learn the following:

  • How to take your idea, brand, and expertise and share it with the world!
  • Strategies to transform a potential buyer into a paying customer.
  • 1 course review
  • Ways to drive quality traffic to your brand.
  • How to create attention in your space to open more opportunities for your business!

Filming & Editing

Learn Peter Anthony’s simple tricks to film and edit your own online course. He will teach you how to solidify your message and convey it in a way that will be heard and remembered. We know you have an important message to share. However, not everyone has thousands of dollars to pay a videographer. However, we have great news. You can do your own filming and editing! The course will help you transform that message into something marketable and investing that’ll get people excited, pumped, and ready to apply what you’ve taught them without spending a dime. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Secrets to creating an attractive filming sequence efficiently.
  • How to edit and add transitional text.
  • Techniques to finalize, render and submit your videos to sell online on any platform.
  • How to utilize the power of camera angles to create an impressive video.

Ultimate Step-Up Coach

The “Online Course Guru” is offering a highly exclusive Step-Up Coaching program where he shares amazing information to help you achieve your goals and take your business and life to the next level. However, this course is not for everyone. It is only for people who want to win! If you want to win, then this ultimate coaching program is perfect for you! Peter Anthony has three decades of wisdom and experience in coaching individuals how to better their craft, which ultimately increases their business’ profitability.

  • 20 one-on-one calls with Peter Anthony.
  • Teach you 4 Pillars that will supercharge your business and your brand.
  • Tried and true goal setting techniques to help you accomplish more in less time.
  • Industry secrets on how to better your craft to beat your competitors and catapult profits through the ROOF!

2-Day Think Tank Immersion

Fly to Las Vegas to join Peter Anthony for a 30-Hour coaching and personal development 2 and a half day “Think Tank Immersion” event. This is a hands-on seminar where you’ll participate in 4 brainstorming sessions with successful entrepreneurs on how to improve your business, listen to prominent guest speakers on how to build a strong foundation for your business, gain exclusive access to Peter’s research team, and much more. There’s only a maximum of 50 attendees, and the event is filling up FAST! Don’t miss out. Register for the “2-Day Think Tank Immersion” today.
You’re going to learn:

  • How to be an excellent speaker!
  • The importance of PR and Guerrilla type marketing secrets to articulate your brand to your target audience.
  • The right way to use social marketing to increase conversions and ROI.
  • How to polish your new courses to increase profits and sales.
  • So much more that we can’t even fit it all in this section!

There’s only a maximum of 50 attendees, and the event is filling up FAST! Don’t miss out. Register for the “2-Day Think Tank Immersion” today.

Monthly Marketing Webinar

Spend 90-minutes with Peter Anthony once a month in this 12-month Marketing Webinar package. Once a month, he will host a live online event about surrounding how to market your online course the right way! He shares tips on how to reach your target audience and transform them into pay customers. You’ll get a chance to ask Peter anything you want, and he will make the time to answer every question you may have regarding your online course business. Anyone enrolled in Peter Anthony’s Ultimate Coaching program will receive this package for FREE.

TOP e-Book Creation

Turn your course into an e-book! The moment you become a published author, your credibility as an entrepreneur will shoot through the roof! If you want to be taken seriously in the industry, then you need to publish a book and Peter Anthony will help you accomplish that with his notable staff of writers, copywriters, and content creators. His team will work closely with you to use the You Will Change the World platform and Amazon to sell your book to the masses.