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Bad service has the potential to cost you millions of dollars in sales. According to an American Express survey, approximately 78% of consumers bailed on a sale or purchase due to a poor service experience.

That means offering a less than par service for your customers could bankrupt your business!

The most important point to be aware of for your business is that it is always about providing quality service.

Keeping this point in the forefront of your mind will allow you to ask the right questions and help you make powerful decisions regarding your business objectives, customer initiatives, campaign strategies, and much more.

But, I am sure you’re wondering “How do I maintain quality customer service?”

Often the reason we provide bad service is because we can’t get our business and personal lives organized. Have you ever been so flustered by the amount of tasks on your plate? Did this ever cause you to slip up and forget to strive for excellence when dealing with a customer?

Well, I have tips on how you can get your life organized. Once you can think clearly and reset your focus on what’s most important – making sure the customer is happy – the faster you can take your business to the next level.

1. Concentrate on the keeping track of the little details. When you can control the details of your day, excellence will follow. Big things will happen when you make small decisions.

2. To manage the details, you need a small plan of action at the very beginning of the day. You’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do and how you’ll do it. To make it easier, I recommend you make an action plan every morning. However, this may not work for everyone. If doing this does not work, then I suggest reaching out to a coach like me or searching for other ways to organize your day online.

3. Write down what a perfect day looks like to you. Look at the people you are interacting with? What kind of customer’s do you expect to meet? What are their needs and how can your service meet those needs? How can you make your customer’s experience better? Remember the experience is going to be judged by the service. The more thought and effort you put into this part of your business the better the results.

4. Once you start tackling your day, you need to check to see if you will need help to accomplish the action plan you laid out. I recommend you think of this the night before or even days in advance. It’s crucial that you focus on how to use effectively your time. Everyone is given 24-hours a day. Don’t spend it not being unsure of what your next move is! Have everything planned out as much as possible the night before and reach out to people to help you when it’s needed. During the time allowed how you could create a memorable experience and outstanding service for your GUESTS.

5. Lastly, check that you’re prepared to execute your day properly. Do you have all the tools you need? The more prepared you are, the easier the day will be! When you’re having a smooth day, you’ll maintain a more professional look. The more suave and cool you look, the more clients will want to work with you. With more customers knocking at your door, the more you can increase your rates, and I know you would love that!

This is a cycle that you’ll have to repeat daily. Greatness is the result of many small things done well and then put together to form the right combination. Start by managing your time better and then the rest will fall into place much easier.

What do you do to keep your day organized? Comment below.

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