So You Want to Be A Leader? Now what?

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I believe everyone can become a leader. The first step to adopting this new way of life is to make the choice to step out of the “follower role” and into the “leadership position.”

The moment you choose this path, it’s time to learn the principles of how to become one. I’ve prepared this information for you below:

1. Examine Your Situation

Not all leaders are the same. Based on your situation, you may need to be a gentle leader or one that leads with an iron fist. To know which way is best, you have to understand the situation first. I recommend writing this down. Examine who the key players are, what the goal is, what issues need to be fixed, etc.

2. Create the Plan

Once you know your situation, create a plan to achieve your goals and fix the problem. It is easier to create a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly action plan. Make sure you communicate your plan with the team. It is crucial everyone is on the same page. You must be comfortable with collecting “accountability” from those who follow you. Hold weekly or bi-weekly coaching meetings to see where your team is with the action plan you created. Remember, your team is often a reflection of how great of a leader you are.

3. Choose your team carefully

This is very important for you to remember. You have to choose your team wisely. A great leader understands what roles each person is best suited for. The easiest way to hire a quality team is to be slow to hire and quick to fire. Often people are quick to hire, but are slow to fire. This wastes a lot of company resources. Take the time to interview, interact, and analyze potential candidates.

4. Get Organized

Are you organized in every aspect of your life? You can not lead if you are distracted. Remove all distractions by taking care of your personal business.

But, when is the right time to lead?

The time to lead is now! If you need help to develop your leadership skills, email me at [email protected] I’ll take you from where you are now to where you want to be! Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation today.

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