Why Your Company Message is More Important Now Than Ever

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Company messages are often overlooked as a tool to acquire customers. It can be your unique selling point.Let’s take for example: “We build small business systems that support your long-term profits.”

Does this message compel YOU to do business with this company?


This message is loose, dull, and does not explain make any connection with your target audience.

However, the real question is what is your company message?

If you don’t have one, or one that’s very good, then you must read this article. Below are simple tips to help you create a message that resonates with people to do business with YOU.

What is a message?

A message is whatever you tell your customers through verbal or written communication. Your actions also convey a certain message to your clients.

Why do you need a message?

A great compelling mission does the following:

– Tells people what your company does and how you can help them with a problem.
– Express the intentions of your business.
– Explains to people what to expect.
– Conveys the company’s desired outcome to all client interactions and dealings. i.e. we want to help you build a profitable business.
– Humanizes the brand and makes it more personal with customers.
– Help people determine if YOUR company is someone they want to work with.

How do you find “YOUR” message?

According to Inc., your message should incorporate these four qualities: value, inspiration, plausibility, and specificity.

In a few short sentences, have the following:

– Why your brand exists.
– Provide inspiration for your employees to join your company’s initiative to help your target customers.
– Make sure your statements are reasonable and plausible.
– Be specific and relevant to your industry.

It is easier to work around one theme for your company, which can be your unique selling point. For example, Walmart is here to provide quality prices for businesses and families. This is part of their message and every action the business does screams affordable. This sets them apart from their competition and compels many people to do business with them because everyone wants to save money and get a great value.

If you cannot find a unique theme now, then create something for the future and work towards it in the present.

For example, if you want to have the best prices then find a way to offer the lowest prices in your industry while still making your company profitable.

Price, service, and performance are all great reasons so chose one and become the best at it.

A simple way to pick a great company message theme is to examine the common complaints in your industry. Use this to figure out what your industry needs and how you can fulfill it.

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